Nov 30, 2013

Solo Exhibition at Mu'u Mu'u Heaven

I got a plane ticket for the final solo exhibition of the year at Mu'u Mu'u Heaven in Hawaii !!
Art Show...20-22th Dec
I feel existed!!

今年最後のArt Showをハワイ "Mu'u Mu'u Heaven"で12/20~22に開催します。

Nov 27, 2013

Nov 25, 2013

Road trip

"Road trip" for next artshow at Muu Muu Heaven in Hawaii by the end of the year!!

年内最後のアートショーが決定しました。場所はハワイのMuu Muu Heavenです。

Nov 24, 2013

Surf Trip

There is in Noosa this artwork.
Japan~Byron Bay~Noosa
Good surf trip!!

Surf Tripというタイトルで絵を日本で描き、Byron Bayで出展。Noosaに住んでるシェイパーMitch Surmanのお父さんが買ってくれました。

最高のSurf Trip!!

Nov 21, 2013

Dream 2013

For Byron Bay Surf Festival 2013
be hanging on the wall at Top Shop Byron Bay!!

Nov 20, 2013


Heart Custom Shapes 
Pin tail Single fin 6'2" at Sea of Japan.
Photo by

Nov 13, 2013


got new board!!
I was passed painting an artwork on the board from Rob!!
Shaped by Robert Monty.

Nov 12, 2013

Deus Ex Machina (writings)

今年もByron BayでのステイはArts Factory Lodge。

まずはDeus Ex Machinaでノンビリ。

偶然、去年違うSurf ShopにいたJeffがDeus Byron Bayで働いていて、再会!

近況と少しMeetingを終え、明日からArt ShowまではSurfingに友人との再会を楽しみます。

Nov 9, 2013

Japan (writings)

Thank you all!!
At art show, my artworks almost sold out!! 
My artworks are everywhere in Australia...Noosa, Forster, Sydney and Byron Bay!! 
And... I was able to meet many great people in Byron Bay again this year!!
Love & Glide from Japan to Aus!!


また2週間分のByron Bayでの写真なども随時UPさせてもらいます。